95 years of experience backing our approach to business

EMR is a leading provider of service, repair, installation and sales to the commercial kitchen and industrial services sectors. Founded in 1927 in Baltimore, MD, we are a 3rd-generation, family-owned and operated business with five service locations across the mid-Atlantic region. Our highly trained technical staff stays on the forefront of evolving technologies to efficiently and effectively service equipment from over 250 manufacturers.


EMR creates a safe, stable and supportive work environment for our employees and their families, while providing the highest level of service to our customers. Our goal is for everyone to feel valued, safe and fulfilled, while enjoying coming to work.  This is the EMR way.

Meet Caroline Kauffman-Kirschnick

Meet Caroline Kauffman-Kirschnick

Her passion for employee engagement & culture-driven management style, coupled with her knowledge of all aspects of the industry have positioned Caroline for success as the head of the mid-Atlantic’s leading commercial kitchen and industrial services agency.
Jaime Adams

Meet Jaime Adams

Human Resources Director
Jaime speaks the payroll and benefits language of EMR, while adding invaluable input on the employee retention and talent recruitment front. Since 2007, her HR expertise has been vital to EMR's operations.
Meet Jamison Johnson

Meet Jamison Johnson

Operations Manager, Baltimore
Working his way up the ranks since 2014, Jamison now leads a team of 33 out of EMR’s Baltimore headquarters. He is an expert in HVAC and always exceeds industry standards, making sure that your business is taken care of like our own.
Meet Rick Rush

Meet Rick Rush

Operations Manager, DCMV
For over 14 years Rick has been proving his commitment to EMR. With over 20 years of experience in restaurant operations, he brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding on what customers need and require from their service company.
Ronnie Williams

Meet Ronnie Williams

Operations Manager, Industrial Services
One of EMR's longest-tenured employees, Ronnie runs the industrial services branch out of Baltimore City, a niche service arm of EMR focusing on service and sales of electric motors, pumps, and drives.
Meet Lisa Elways

Meet Lisa Elways

Leading a team of nine, Lisa has spent over 20 years specializing in EMR's financials, creating internal processes to further efficiencies, and is a critical part of EMR's ongoing employee engagement and culture work.
Meet Michael George

Meet Michael George

IT Director
An expert in hardware, software, networking and security, Michael was appointed to his executive position at EMR in 2010 at the age of 25.
Meet Bill Boling

Meet Bill Boling

Parts & Distribution Manager
Managing $3 million in parts at any given time and overseeing 14 EMR staff members across two departments, Bill's expertise lies in warehousing, inventory and management.
Greg Smith

Meet Greg Smith

Training & Safety Manager
One of EMR's longest tenured team members, Greg leads the EMR team in training and commitment to safety.
Meet Miranda Farish

Meet Miranda Farish

Billing and Credit Manager
A key member of the accounting department, and leading a team of three, Miranda excels at helping customers improve their credit and doesn’t shy away from tough conversations.
Meet Noah Mathay

Meet Noah Mathay

Operations Manager, Delaware Valley
Noah's 20+ years of professional experience in the industry provides him with expertise in management, training, customer service and the foodservice industry as a whole. He leads the 26-person team out of the Delaware Valley branch.
Meet Bill Hickman

Meet Bill Hickman

Operations Manager, Salisbury
Bill leads a 19-person team out of the Salisbury, MD, branch with a territory spanning the Eastern Shore and Southern VA. Bill's long-time career in the service industry and his expertise in customer relations, organizing, planning, and overseeing has led him to his leadership position today.
Meet Bonnie Brooks

Meet Bonnie Brooks

Warranty Manager
As the resident authority on all things warranty, Bonnie has been with EMR for over 30 years, working her way through accounts receivable to heading up the Warranty Department.
Emily Martin

Meet Emily Martin

Sales & Marketing Manager
Her passion for branding, eye for detail + organization, and curiosity to seek out interesting opportunities landed Emily in this newly developed position at EMR. Now leading all marketing initiatives including social media, public relations, advertising, brand management, and creative production in-house, Emily’s previous 5 years as EMR’s marketing consultant makes her an asset to the team, with an interesting perspective on the industry, EMR’s positioning goals, and a leg-up on the learning curve.
Roger Kauffman

Meet Roger Kauffman

Immediate Past President, Chairman of the Board
From repairing household electronics on the service bench in 1964, to taking over as president in 1985, and celebrating his place as the longest-tenured EMR employee in 2014, Roger Kauffman's breadth and years of experience are unmatched.


At EMR we are committed to the professional and personal wellbeing of our staff. We truly see each team member as an extension of our family. With employment tenures of 10-15 years on average, and many retirement celebrations of 25, 30, 35 years, our efforts to retain the industry’s best and brightest are unwavering. We search for the right people – it’s the key to our legacy of success. EMR was founded on core values around customer service, quality, honesty, team work, and workplace safety. An investment is made in each individual on a daily basis to ensure they are thriving and functioning as the best version of themselves – at work and at home. Through employee engagement initiatives, wellness programs, continued education support, and an open-door policy, EMR places the team as a top priority – it’s the EMR way.

Does this sound like the type of environment you’d thrive in? Join us! Click here for a list of our current openings and qualifications.


EMR History

With 90 years under our belt, EMR’s rich history and success in the marketplace is due to strong leadership values, capacity to embrace change, and ability to recruit and retain the industry’s best technical and support staff. Since 1927, we have demonstrated what a quality driven service company means. That’s how EMR has grown to become the dominant commercial kitchen equipment service agency in the Mid-Atlantic region. Over the years, EMR has expanded our service footprint and opened brick and mortar branches in key areas. In 1967, we moved to 25th street in Baltimore City, where we called the 22,000-square-foot building home to all operations for over 30 years.


With our roots deeply grounded as a motor repair shop, we expanded offerings into commercial and industrial wiring. In 1945, the portable household appliance department opened. Blenders, mixers, toasters, and irons, along with radios, televisions and clocks were repaired in this division. The household appliance department grew and became dominant in the Baltimore area. At one point, it was the backbone of the business, taking in 100 to 150 appliances daily for repairs; 550 to 825 a week. Radio and television service ended in 1966, and in 1988 the household appliance operation in it’s entirety was closed; a result of a lower cost to buy versus repair.


To remain essential in the marketplace, EMR continued to evolve with the times. In 1957, we began exploring the commercial cooking equipment service industry, which today drives the bulk of EMR’s service offerings and revenue from headquarters in Baltimore County. As EMR’s largest branch, we operate out of a 42,000-square-foot building, accommodating the corporate offices, the installation department, a warehouse housing some $3 million dollars in parts, and is home to our largest group of technicians and support staff. The motor shop, a niche but vital offering of EMR’s, is referred to today as the Industrial Division and remains at the 25th Street branch in Baltimore City. It’s renaming represents the diversity of the division, as we now repair motors, provide machine shop services, and troubleshoot electronics and system problems onsite within customers’ facilities.


Presently, EMR, a 3rd generation family owned business, staffs 200 team members and operates five total branches servicing Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, West Virginia, D.C., Delaware and Pennsylvania.