EMR Warranty Manager


Bonnie is EMR’s Warranty Manager. Hired in 1989 in accounts receivable, Bonnie has been a part of the EMR family for over 30 years, holding only one other position prior to her hiring at age 19. Today, Bonnie heads up the Warranty Department, a critical arm of our service and billing team. Her transition to Warranty was a gradual one. To gain additional experience and skills in her early years, Bonnie would work Saturdays to assist with processing warranties. This is where her interest piqued.


“I was always attracted to Warranty since I was exposed to the process during my time in accounts receivable. I’m driven to understand the different types of procedures outlined by each equipment manufacturer. We work with over 250 manufacturers so there’s a lot to manage in this position.”


Managing the warranty team, Bonnie holds numerous management and leadership certificates, all earned over her years at EMR, including EMR Customer Service Champion, Dale Carnegie Leadership Training, and various manufacturer warranty trainings offered to service agencies.

Bonnie is the authority on understanding how repairs should be handled from a warranty stand point, as they pertain to the different pieces of commercial kitchen equipment EMR services. By maximizing the amount of warranty on a piece of equipment, Bonnie’s work directly affects the customer’s bottom line.


“Each manufacturer’s procedures are different and ever-changing. I spend my days immersing myself in those procedures to gain efficiencies and maintain strong relationships with our partners.”


With expertise in communications, Bonnie’s daily involvement with the service process crosses all internal departments, including dispatchers and technicians, as well as externally with customers and manufacturers.

Outside of EMR, Bonnie is a proud mother to both two-legged and four-legged children, and spends her free time reading, and cultivating her meditation and mindfulness practice.


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