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Build-A-Tech Training Program

The skilled labor shortage has long loomed over industries, particularly in technical trades like equipment repair. Recruiting and retaining technical resources is a challenge all service companies face. Which is why we have taken proactive steps to address this issue and shrink the skilled trades gap with our own in-house training program.


The Genesis of BAT: Inspired by CFESA’s self-help program and fueled by our past training initiatives, EMR’s Training and Safety Manager, Greg Smith, spearheaded the launch of the BAT Program. This move wasn’t just about filling positions but about fostering lasting careers.


Impact + Objectives: The ripple effects of BAT are manifold. This program fortifies EMR’s longevity, shapes the future of the trade, and offers enduring career prospects. This is an opportunity to grow technically and forge a path in a lucrative field.


emr bat programWhat Prospects Can Expect: Prospective trainees undergo rigorous evaluation, emphasizing mechanical aptitude, motivation, and attitude. Once onboard, they’re embraced as full-time EMR employees with benefits. The 17-week program covers a gamut of topics, from electrical and gas theory to safety training and customer service.


Diving into Training: Classroom sessions are dynamic, covering electrical theory, gas components, steam equipment, safety protocols, and more. Trainees receive a comprehensive grounding in troubleshooting techniques, with an eye toward practical application in the field. It’s a blend of theory and hands-on learning, preparing them for real-world challenges.


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EMR Bat Program

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