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August 9, 2023

School is back! Is your kitchen out of whack?

August is flying by which means schools are just weeks away from welcoming back students. Like any commercial kitchen, schools have a wide variety of equipment to handle any menu.
July 18, 2023

Tips for essential hot-side equipment that every restaurant needs.

Staying on top of your game means having the right restaurant equipment for your space and the food that you will be serving. Whether you are opening a new restaurant or refreshing an existing establishment, the hot-side equipment pieces below are essential for providing a foundation that you can further build off of to meet your specific needs. 
June 23, 2023

1927-2023: Industrial division then and now.

"The Industrial Division is our roots and foundation. There is a nostalgic tie to it; emotional, in a sense," said EMR President, Caroline Kauffman-Kirschnick. Since opportunities for growth in the Industrial Division's current market are slim, shifting into adjacent markets is what EMR is striving to do.