EMR Billing and Credit Manager

Miranda is EMR’s Billing and Credit Manager. Hired in 2009 to the Accounting Department, Miranda has been a part of the EMR family for over 10 years. Today, she manages the Billing and Credit Department, managing the entire EMR billing team, in a critical function of the EMR billing process.


“Not many people want to discuss credit. I like to help our customers, and enjoy speaking to them directly to do just that.”


Prior to joining EMR, Miranda worked as an assistant credit manager at a local floor company. She has taken numerous classes in support of her daily functions, such as a business credit principals and financial statements course through National Association of Credit Management in Columbia, MD, and various technology and computer-based program trainings through EMR continued education initiatives.


Miranda’s areas expertise fall under management of customer credit issues. She manages the customers’ account – placing a customer on hold, extending more credit when needed, approving credit with new customers, etc. This involves processing credit applications, checking references, and expertise in web-based applications to pull necessary customer information.


EMR is all about family, friendship, and showing compassion. You can tell you’re appreciated. My work experiences have helped me be more open – I have grown.”


Outside of EMR, Miranda is a proud mother of two and volunteers her time with Girl Scouts of America. She enjoys camping, demolition derbies, country music, and FLIP FLOPS!


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