Triple Threat Tech

We went behind the scenes with our “Triple Threat Tech” – Dave Fitch.  Dave explained to us what life as a combo + installation tech is all about. 
Learn more about Dave + go behind the scenes with us below!


Name: Dave Fitch


Title: Combo + Installation Technician based out of Baltimore


Tenure: 5 years


Training/Education: 5 year apprenticeship program – topped out with journeyman’s plumbing + HVAC license


Certifications: Refrigeration + gas CFESA, in the process of getting electrical


Why did you become a combo tech: For the fun!  I feel like I am doing more in my day to help a customer since I work on more equipment. The customer is our main priority!


Why Installation:  Moving bigger + heavier things!  Instead of fixing something it is satisfying to replace an expired piece of equipment and present the customer with something brand new and under warranty.  It can make them very happy!


Benefits of EMR having a “triple threat tech”:  I can work on one piece of equipment and move right on to the next – whether it is hot side or cold side.  I am a one stop shop and my van has equipment for any and every type of job – big or small, hot or cold.


Where have you traveled to for a job:  From Virginia to New Jersey to Southern PA and out to West Virginia.  I have spent numerous weekends on the Eastern shore.  I tend to gravitate to wherever we have bigger jobs. 


Benefits of a fully stocked van:  9 times out of 10 I have the generic tools to fix any piece of equipment that a customer has.  This improves my first time fix rate and benefits the customer since it is not often that I have to take more than one trip and order a part or leave to get another tool and come back.


Outside of EMR: I am an eagle scout with the boy scouts.  I am a camping nut and I like to fix things!  I have built numerous cars.  I am a new dad within the last six months. When you have a really bad day and you get to go home to your kid all that doesn’t matter anymore because they put a smile on your face.