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Brian Marshall

As the historical backbone of EMR, the Industrial Division stands as a testament to innovation, reliability, and expertise. In today’s dynamic business environment, staying ahead of the curve requires not only sound strategy but also a keen understanding of the company’s goals and visions.

Brian Marshall, Industrial Operations Manager, shares his current initiatives and vision for the future.


What attracted you to join EMR, and what motivates you to continue working here?What are some new updates/changes happening to Industrial Division that you can share? 

I was initially excited for the opportunity to be part of a longstanding and reputable company. We boast nearly 100 years of business, 60 at the motor shop, indicating a rich history of expertise and reliability. I saw an opportunity to contribute to a company with a strong track record of success and innovation in the electric motor industry. I was excited about the prospect of being part of a team that is passionate about delivering high-quality services and solutions to customers while also being involved in a dynamic and challenging work environment. We have to evolve to stay relevant and that excites me.


What are some new updates/changes happening to Industrial Division that you can share? 

We are concentrating on several things:

  • Revitalizing our outside sales initiative and building relationships with new and existing customers. We’re not just selling products and services — we’re building lasting partnerships founded on trust, collaboration, and mutual success.
  • Bringing our staffing levels in line with current workloads. We’re committed to meeting the demands of our customers by having the right people in the right positions at the right time.
  • Investing in tool + equipment upgrades. We have a comprehensive initiative to update some of the older tools and equipment necessary to do the work we do. Safety is our top priority, and we’re committed to ensuring that those tools and equipment meet the highest standards of safety and reliability.
  • What new markets + ventures can we evolve into. Re-establishing our outside service work beyond electrical services, and embracing new opportunities for growth, innovation, and customer engagement.
  • Recruiting and retaining a talented team of technicians who will drive the division forward and uphold our legacy of excellence.


We know you have been focusing on new product sales and recently hired an Industrial Parts Coordinator. Tell us about that.

We refilled a crucial position that had been vacant for some time. This position is vital to the division so that we can continue to deliver the best sales and service work possible to all our customers and having this position filled will benefit our overall success and sustainability.


What are the benefits of purchasing new products from EMR – either as a new customer or an existing customer?

We understand that our customer demands may vary, which is why we offer a wide range of products to cater to diverse needs. From product selection and installation, to on-site troubleshooting and support, our comprehensive service offerings are designed to streamline customer experience.


How do you anticipate the Industrial Division evolving over the next few years, given market trends and industry shifts?

There are many ways we’ll need to evolve. Some of those are by integrating advanced technologies, focusing on energy efficiency, expanding our service portfolio, potentially offering remote and virtual service solutions, forging strategic partnerships, and investing in workforce training and development. These efforts will enable the division to remain competitive and continue providing value-added services to customers in the years to come.


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