Elevator In-Shop Repairs

Our in-shop team can handle repairs for your rotating equipment for hoist motors, door motors, motor generators and gear boxes for your elevators. Mechanical and electrical repairs, rewinds and machine work are done right here in our Baltimore shop. Let us help you get your equipment to a like-new state with our refurbishing capabilities.



In-house mechanical repairs include Hoist Motor and Generator Repairs, Escalator and Hoist Machine Repairs, Deflector Sheave Shaft and Bearing Replacement, and much more. 


  • Escalator Gearbox Repair
  • Hoist Machine Gearbox Repair
  • Sheave Repair



In-house rewind services include AC Synchronous Permanent Magnet Stator, AC Hoist Motor and Generator Stators, DC Hoist Motor and Generator Armatures, DC Hoist Motor and Generator Fields, and DC Brake Coils.


  • AC Stator
  • AC Synchronous Permanent Magnet Stator
  • DC Armature
  • DC Brake Coil
  • DC Field Coils


Machine Shop

Our machine shop is repair oriented, providing elevator equipment repairs, which include Sheave Regrooving and Commutator Repairs up to 40 inches in diameter, Shaft Fabrication and Repairs, as well as Fabrication of Brake Pins and Obsolete Parts.


  • Sheave Regrooving
  • Commutator Resurfacing/Turn and Undercut
  • Shaft Repairs
  • Obsolete Part Fabrication
  • Replacement Brake Pins