Eye Spy with My Little Eye…

CSubmit an Eye Spyongratulations to our February 2018 Eye Spy Winner: Bill Heron of Walkersville Bowling Center!

Bill spied on Bill Kidd, our Baltimore Refrigeration Tech. Thank you for sharing your positive EMR experience!

Keep those magnifying glasses focused and stay tuned to find out who our next winner will be…
it just could be YOU!

Eye Spy

What is Eye Spy?

Eye Spy was created to drive negativity out of EMR’s culture and bring positivity in. We “spy” on each other doing positive things, supporting our code of conduct and customer service pledge, and committing to safety. Now we want to invite YOU to spy on our employees and tell us what they are doing well or doing right! How did they positively impact you or your business? Are they working safely? Are they living up to our Employee Code of Conduct? Are they abiding by our Customer Service Pledge?

Tell us about it by clicking the “Submit an Eye Spy” button above and completing a brief five-question survey identifying which member(s) of the EMR family you’re spying on and why you feel they deserve recognition. For each survey submitted, your company will be entered into a monthly prize drawing—the more spies you submit, the higher your company’s chances of winning! You can find the survey at the top of this webpage, on our service orders and in our teams’ email signatures. Happy Spying!