Our History

History (1)Our company actually had its start prior to 1927. There is however no record of the name used or who the owners were. We do know in 1927 the company changed hands and changed its name to The Electric Motor Repair Company.

The Company has had several locations over the years. In 1967, the Company moved to 25th street; a 22,000 square foot building which housed all operations. This location served the company well for over 30 years.

History (2)The Company that began as a motor repair shop expanded into Commercial and Industrial Wiring. In 1945, the portable household appliance department was started. Blenders, mixers, toasters, irons, etc., along with radios, televisions and clocks were repaired in this department. The household appliance department grew and became very dominant in the Baltimore area. At one point, it was the backbone of this Company, taking in 100 to 150 appliances daily for repair; 550 to 825 a week. The radio and television service was given up in 1966 and in 1988 the original household Appliance operation was closed; a result of the lower cost to buy.

History (4)

History (6)In 1957, the Company had begun to emphasize commercial cooking equipment. This service actually grew out of the portable appliance department.

Today, the motor shop is referred to as the Industrial Division. It was renamed to better represent the diversity of the Division. They repair motors, provide machine shop services, and troubleshoot electronics and system problems within customer facilities.

In September of 2005 the Corporate Office and the Baltimore Branch of the Commercial Division moved to 9100 Yellow Brick Rd in Rosedale, MD.


We had outgrown our facility on 25th St., which was shared by both the Commercial and Industrial Divisions. The new location is a 42,000 square foot building, providing much needed space for the future expansion and growth of the Commercial Division. At the same time, it freed up space on 25th street for the continued expansion of the Industrial Division.

We now service customers in Maryland, Virginia, D.C., Delaware and Philadelphia, PA.