Elevator Repairs & Products

EMR has provided service to the elevator industry for 60 years. We have developed an understanding of the industry, its special needs and requirements. As the industry has evolved, we have developed services to meet its ever-changing needs.

Industrial Elevator


Rewind & Mechanical Repairs

We have an eighty year history of quality mechanical repairs and motor winding of both AC and DC machines. We have the expertise to promptly and properly turn your repair needs around in your specified time frame.

Used & Rebuilt

Used & Rebuilt Motors

Used & Rebuilt M&G sets

EMR has a large inventory of used and rebuilt motors and MG sets. What you need may already in our inventory and ready to go. The Motor or MG set you thought was a total loss may be easily refurbished using a component from our inventory.

Hoist Motors

VVVF Hoist Motors, Adapters, Flanges and Couplings

Industrial Adapter (4)

We have the tooling and expertise to provide you with the necessary adaptations to retrofit D.C. equipment with A.C.


Escalator Motors & Gearboxes

Escalator Gearbox

No matter what the damage, bearings, gears, cracked housing, we have the expertise to repair most problems.


Carbon Brushes

We have a large stock of Carbon brushes for Elevator applications and many years experience matching and sizing your brushes to a new replacement.

Onsite Repairs

Industrial UndercutOnsite machine repairs

Our trained experienced technicians can often make repairs to your equipment in the field eliminating the necessity of pulling the piece and sending it to our facilities. When practical this can save both time and money.





Manufacturers we service…